“The philosophy of trinity (Trika) and spiritual vibrations (Spanda)”

In this cycle, the “Shiva Sutra” and the “Spanda Karika”, two fundamental texts of the triadic philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism (Trika) will be studied.

Shiva Sutra is the main text of the Tantric or Agamic tradition of Kashmir Shaivism. It is attributed to the sage Vasugupta of the 9th century C.E who claimed that the sutras were revealed to him by Lord Shiva in a dream. The book incorporates Kṣemarāja’s famous commentary on the Shiva Sutras known as Vimarśinī (11th Century C.E.)

The Spandakārikā serves as a sort of commentary on the Siva-sutras. According to Saivagama, the divine consciousness is not simply inert intellection. It is rather spanda, active, dynamic, throbbing with life, creative pulsation. In Siva-sutras, it is the prakasa aspect of the divine that is emphasized; in Spandakarikas, it is the vimarsa aspect that is emphasized. Together, these two books give us integral view of Saivai philosophy.

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