The Research Department of the Athens Center for Indian and Indo-Hellenic Studies undertakes research οn various classical and contemporary themes aiming to raise awareness and understanding of the Indian culture as well as to promote the Hellenic-Indian studies. The research projects cover various categories, such as Language & Literature, Modern Indian Thinkers, Indian Philosophy & Sanskrit Texts, Indo-Greek Studies, Early Greek Indologists, Translation of Classical and Modern Greek Authors into Indian Languages, Travels in the Beauty & Gnosis, Tourism & Economy, Humanities and Social Science, and others.

Governmental, non-governmental and private organizations are welcome to finance the entire project of the Research Department or the preparation of a specific thesis that addresses the pre-defined themes.

Current and Recently Completed Research Projects

Indian Philosophy & Sanskrit Texts – Translation and Commentary

Title: «Yoga Sutra – Commentary on the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali» (in Greek)
Research: Dimitrios Vassiliadis & Shastri Course

Language: Sanskrit and Greek
Started: January 2021.
Status: Ongoing

Language & Literature

Title: “Sanskrit”
Research: Dimitrios Vasiliadis, Shastri Course

Language: Sanskrit and Greek
Started: October 2020
Status: Ongoing

South Asian Studies

Title: “Hellenism and Sri Lanka in Greek and Sinhalese literature”
Research: Dimitrios Vasiliadis

Language: Greek
Status: Published by the Consulate of Sri Lanka in Athens, 2022


Title:  “The Unfinished Memoirs of Seikh Mujibur Rahman”
Translator: Dimitrios Vassiliadis

Language: Greek
Status: Published in Dhaka. Distribution: Embassy of Bangladesh in Greece.

Indo-Hellenic Studies – Research Thesis

Title: “Apollo and Krishna –  Greece and India in modern European thought and literature”
Research: Giorgos Amarantos

Language: Greek
Status: Published by ELINEPA, 2021


Title:  “India Greece through numbers”
Translator: Dimitrios Vassiliadis

Language: Hindi
Started: July 2019. Completed: August 2019
Status: Published  by the Hellenic Statistical Authority

Libraries & Web Resources

Title: “Digital Libraries and Web resources project
Edition: Research team

Language: Greek and Engish
Started: August 2018. Completed: Constant Update
Status: Published  on ELINEPA website


Title: “A Self Portrait of the University of Athens”
Translator: Demetrios Th. Vassiliades and Rekha K. Rana

Language: Hindi
Started: July 2017. Completed: January 2018
Status: Published by the University of Athens

Early Greek Indologists – Translation and Reprint

Title: “Georgios N. Tserepis – Indika Essays”
Translator: Thomais Gouli

Language: Greek
Started: December 2016. Completed: January 2018
Status: Under publication. ELINEPA

Language & Literature – Translation

Title: Weaves of Time – Pages from a Poetic Diary
Translator: Frosso Vyzovitou

Language: Greek
Started: December 2016. Completed: April 2017.
Status: Published. 1st edition ELINEPA 2017

Indo-Hellenic Studies – Research Thesis

Title: “Nyaya and Aristotelian Logic: A Comparative Study”
Research: Dimitrios Chaniotis

Languages: English, Greek, Sanskrit
Started: December 2016.
Status: Ongoing

Humanities and Social Science – Research Paper 

Title:Is it Immoral or Not to Kill Animals?”
Researcher: Dimitrios Chaniotis

Language: Greek & English
Started: August 2016. Completed: December 2016
Status: Published in Indika 2017