Publication of the book “संस्कृत saṁskṛta Σανσκριτικά” by EL.IN.E.P.A.

Dear friends,

We are pleased to announce the completion of “संस्कृत saṁskṛta Σανσκριτικά”, a unique and comprehensive work in the Greek language for the study of Sanskrit, one of the oldest and most important languages of the Indo-European Family.

The book includes an introduction to Sanskrit studies in Greece, the Devenagari Script, Lessons, Grammar and Vocabulary. Published and distributed by the Indological publications of the Hellenic-Indian Society for Culture and Development (EL.IN.E.P.A.)

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Invaluable input to the edition of  “संस्कृत saṁskṛta Σανσκριτικά” was made  by all students of the Sanskrit language at the Athens Center for Indian and Indo-Hellenic Studies, to whom I am deeply grateful. Special thanks for the comments and amendments are to the advanced students (śāstrī) Anastasia Hitzanidou, Voula Bolou, Vassiliki Psychogyiou, Mary Pizani, Anagnostis Bogatsas, Christina Karkania, Ioanna Petridou, Kalliopi Venizelou and Camilla Hartmann, who studied the entire book and contributed significantly to its final configuration.

Suggestions of the students Andreas Asimakopoulos, Sofia Fertaki, Mary Devoli, Marina Papadimitriou and Evangelos Maroudas assisted greatly to the best presentation of the book. The drawings in the book are the work of distinguished illustrator and student of Sanskrit, David Hitch. The cover is the creation of visual artist Vassiliki Psychogyiou, who also edited the entire book.

Athens 21 February 2024
D. Vassiliadis


Dear Sir/Madam,Namaste from India ! I sincerely appreciate the email you sent today, 23/02/2024. I was thrilled to learn about the remarkable and comprehensive work that has been done in the Greek language to study Sanskrit. This is a significant accomplishment, as Sanskrit is one of the oldest and most prominent languages in the Indo-European family.

I would be most grateful if you could convey my warmest regards to the writer/researchers involved in creating and publishing this work. This achievement not only strengthens the institution’s established research culture but also benefits the academic community worldwide.

I warmly greet you for your continued dedication to enriching humankind through advancing language, culture, and linguistic traditions. 
Jayatu Sanskritam! : Victory to Sanskrit !!

सादर / Regards,

डॉ शुभंकर मिश्र / Dr. Shubhankar Mishra
उप महासचिव / Deputy Secretary General 
विश्व  हिंदी  सचिवालय / World Hindi Secretariat 
मॉरीशस/ Mauritius

Congratulations on this much-required scholarly publication. I am sure the work will be helpful for the scholars working in the same field and will strengthen the age long relationship between two most amazing cultures of the world. I would love to go through it as early as possible. 

Regards & best wishes

Dr. Renu Shukla
Professor & In charge
Department of A. I. H. C. A. 
Kanya Gurukul Campus, Dehradun
(GKDU) India